Production of natural vinegars

Производство натуральных уксусов

Unicon company was founded in 2000 on the basis of an enterprise, specializing in production of natural spirit, fruit vinegars, created in 1963. The “Unikon” company continued production of the natural vinegars, created a new trade mark, which is successfully represented in all regions of Ukraine. In 2003 the Company Unikon purchased one more plant of food concentrates in city Volochisk, Khmelnytsk region. The company successfully produces the natural vinegars and sells it in different spheres of food industry, such as production of mayonnaises, ketchups, tinned products, etc. Also the company produces fruit and spirit vinegars packed into glassware for to be sold in retailed trade networks. As of today, among the native manufacturers only the Unikon Company pours its products into glass bottles, influencing the quality of the product and its bioavailability for the health improvement. Volyn-Holding, Tirchin product, Kharkiv oil and fat integrated plant, Poltava oil and fat integrated plant, Lviv oil and fat integrated plant, etc. are clients of our company.

As of 1991 24 plants in 21 regional centers with general capacity of 63 million liters/year were engaged in production of spirit vinegar in Ukraine. As of today just three companies are working in the sphere, two of which are enterprises of the “Unikon” company (Odessa and Volochisk plants).